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Gentle Touch Horse Shampoo & Soap

Gentle Touch Horse Shampoo & Soap

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Gentle Touch Shampoo | All Purpose Shampoo for Horses, Foals & Seniors

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  • Gentle Touch Horse Shampoo

    Gentle Touch Shampoo helps you establish a good cleanliness routine for your horse. Gentle Touch Shampoo and Soap aren't just for foals. Both shampoo and bar soap are ideal for horses with all coat types and conditions.

    Gentle Touch offers a mild shampoo and bar soap appropriate for frequent use on tender, aging skin, puppies and dogs with sensitive skin.

  • Razzle Dazzle White Shampoo

    Razzle Dazzle White Shampoo is a natural whitening shampoo, dedicated to helping you keep your horse looking their brightest.

    Razzle Dazzle White Shampoo combines the best of brighteners with gentle herbal cleansing to keep your horse their absolute whitest!

    Get ready to grab your sunglasses, as your horse is going to be DAZZLING!

  • Visibly Vibrant Color Enhancer

    Visibly Vibrant Shampoo cleans your horse's coat, while gently infusing it with color-enhancing sheen and oomph.

    Visibly Vibrant brings out the best in your horse's natural coat color. Rich reds, classic creams, bold blacks...Visibly Vibrant Color Enhancing Shampoo helps your horse's natural beauty shine!

    Colors with more of a blue undertone, such as blacks, greys, silvers and blue roans are cleaned and enhanced to pop against the white in their multi-colored coats.