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The Blissful Dog® Inc.

Blissful Nose Butter® Moisturizes Dry, Crusty Noses

Blissful Nose Butter® Moisturizes Dry, Crusty Noses

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Is Your Dog's Nose Dry? Crusty? Cracking?

Many dogs, purebred and mixed, have some degree of a dry nose. The dryness can range from a bit dry to the more extreme condition, Nasal Hyperkeratosis, in which the entire nose is covered with layers of crusty, scab-like tissue.

The good news is Nose Butter® has been helping dogs find their nose bliss for over 20 years. We've got info, images, and facts about dry dog noses to share. We've got this! Your dog will be looking and feeling their blissful best SOON!

All Natural Good Stuff

Nose Butter® is individually hand-crafted by The Blissful Dog in far northern Minnesota using all natural ingredients.

Shea butter, castor oil, olive oil, almond oil, coconut oil, beeswax, avocado oil, cocoa seed butter

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  • Blissful Butter Info

    Our Blissful Butters are a rich, dense, very thick moisturizer that drenches your dog's dry nose, paws and elbows in all-natural butters, fats, and oils.

    To get your dog's respective area back into shape apply Butter 2-3x a day for the first 2-3 days (maybe a few days longer for exceptionally dry) or until their area improves.

    Then use as needed for maintenance.

  • Tips & Hints

    • Warm product before application for faster absorption
    • To warm; stick in your pocket, bra, or scoop some out & warm in palm
    • Tag Team - have someone hold & you apply
    • You do not have to rub it in, it will melt quickly, especially if you warmed it up a bit
    • Distract to keep them from licking or rubbing it off
  • Blissfully Safe for Your Dogs & Ours

    Our products are formulated to be safe, even in the case of a very greedy dog eating an entire tin of Boo Boo Butter. In most cases it WILL NOT hurt your dog if they lick some off or eat the whole tin (but put it up, they don't need all those calories and fat). They may have pudding poo (that's professional terminology) from eating too much fat.

    That said, of course there is a very slight possibility of an individual dog having an individual reaction to an individual ingredient.