We wholesale through Faire

We have partnered with Faire, an exciting new way to stock your store, to offer what we feel is the most blissful wholesale experience. Faire, in a nutshell, is an online tradeshow that takes customer service to the next level. Grab a cuppa your fave beverage and let’s do this!

Setting up a Faire account only takes a few minutes. Follow the link below and we’ll be here when you are ready.

  • Free shipping

    Faire picks up the tab for shipping. You read that right, Faire pays for shipping for a full year. Did you spill your beverage?

  • Store credit

    When you sign up for a Faire account, Faire deposits credit in your account to shop with us. It’s like getting free stuff!

  • Fast fulfillment

    We ship FAST, usually 1-3 business days. If we do have a blizzard, dragon attack or any other snafu, we keep you posted.

  • Easy choices

    Faire has our sales data and they’ve arranged our product offering with the best sellers first.

  • Net 60 payment terms

    I know, really!

  • Free returns

    Faire has your back when it comes to returns.

  • Send us an e-mail

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    Have a question about our wholesale options?
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