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The Blissful Cat

Blissful Nose Butter® | Moisturizes Dry, Rough Cat Noses

Blissful Nose Butter® | Moisturizes Dry, Rough Cat Noses

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The Blissful Cat® Nose Butter® for Your Cat's Dry Nose Woes

Many cats suffer from nose issues. From a bit dry to covered with a scab-like crust (called nasal hyperkeratosis) and more. The good news is you found The Blissful Cat® Nose Butter®!

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  • Blissful Butter Info

    Our Blissful Butters are a rich, dense, very thick moisturizer that drenches your cat's dry nose and paws in all-natural butters, fats, and oils.

    To get your cat's respective area back into shape apply butter 2-3x a day for the first 2-3 days (maybe a few days longer for exceptionally dry) or until their area improves.

    Then use as needed for maintenance.

  • Tips & Hints

    • Warm product before application for faster absorption
    • To warm; stick in your pocket, bra, or scoop some out & warm in palm
    • Tag Team - have someone hold & you apply
    • You do not have to rub it in, it will melt quickly, especially if you warmed it up a bit
    • Distract to keep them from licking or rubbing it off
  • Using Our Blissful Butters

    Application is easy. Just scoop a bit out of the tin, using a spoon or your finger. Then dab onto or rub across your cat's nose, paws or skin ailment.

    Distract her for just a bit after application. While there are no active ingredients and nothing in our butters that would harm her, we want it to get to work on. Try a coveted snack, new toy or cuddle time. That's it! Use 2-3x a day until the area is back in shape and then as needed for maintenance.