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The Blissful Dog® Inc.

Lust Buster Butter

Lust Buster Butter

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Lust Buster Helps Distract Your Amorous Boy Dog From Temptation

Lust Buster Butter helps take the edge off your dog's studly wanna-be intentions long enough for you to show him, train him, run rally or perform other activities that require his attention. It is intended for usage for SHORT PERIODS of time.

This WILL NOT keep your intact male away from a girl dog in heat in your home for days on end. We would rather you not buy this product if that is the situation. Nothing can stop raging hormones! 

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  • Blissful Butter Info

    Ingredients; shea butter, almond oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, castor oil, olive oil, beeswax, cocoa seed butter and a dash of peppermint essential oils.

    Peppermint is the chosen deterrent. Most dogs do not like peppermint scents, but it is strong enough to deter them. It won't irritate their nose like some harsh oils can. Clove and cinnamon are much too intense to be used on a dog's nose and can actually burn the tissue.

  • Tips & Hints

    • Dab Lust Buster Butter onto your dog’s nose prior to exposure to temptation.
    • Give treat to distract them from licking Lust Buster Butter off before it’s absorbed.
    • Apply as needed to keep temptation at bay.
    • Test prior to entering show ring.
    • Not responsible for the actions of hormonal boy dogs.
    • Best results when used for short periods of time.
    • Keeping expectations real.
  • Keep Expectations Real

    • Lust Buster is a gentle, non-irritating product to be used on your BOY dog's nose to HELP mask or hide the enticing smell of girl dogs in heat for SHORT periods of time.
    • Lust Buster is NOT intended for use on the girl dog in heat.
    • Lust Buster is NOT a spray or product to keep hordes of crazed boy dogs away from your home or yard if there is a girl dog in heat on the premises
    • Lust Buster is NOT guaranteed prevent pregnancy or breeding
    • Lust Buster is NOT effective for long-term close quarters situations, Nature is much too powerful for that.
    • Yes, you can tell we've had a lot of questions on this product. It will help and does work when used properly. As you know, some boys will NOT be deterred by anything less than a padlocked crate.